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Guided somatic tracking for pain recovery

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Melody Chesley

After 6 months with Lin

“Having a weekly session with my coach to talk through the ups and downs of this journey has given me the support I needed to persevere. Since starting Lin Health, my pain levels are consistently at lower levels than they have been in 15 years.”

Hind Roubos

“It’s all about the coach and Ruthie is simply amazing! She cares very much, explains hard concepts thoroughly when I don’t understand something, she gives me appropriate guidance, answers all my messages timely with details, and gives me lots and lots of encouragement.”

Andrew Harrison

“Lin Health has been a great platform to not only understand chronic pain but work with a knowledgable coach to work towards being free from it. I’m well on my way to being free from chronic pain. My coach has been awesome!!”


After 3 months with Lin

“The coaching is exemplary! Having the opportunity to review the content and your personal experience with a coach weekly is amazing, this is my favorite part of the app! I highly recommend this app; freeing yourself from chronic pain is worth the investment!”

Anna Gullixson

“I love that I get to check in with my personal coach whenever I need to or want to and that we have time each week to go over my wins, what I’ve learned, things I want help with and practicing what is in the program.”

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